Saturday, 12 January 2013

Read: The Perfect Storm - New York Techno in the early 90s

We love surfing the web looking for nice articles based in good journalism (no, we don't do journalism, this is just a blog)... something not very common these days. Red Bull Music Academy seems to be doing a great job tho. Just read this great article by Michaelangelo Matos.

The Perfect Storm: New York Techno in the 90s.

"It was 1989 and Frankie Bones was looking forward to his first trip to England. Karma Productions, a crew in London that threw gigantic warehouse and outdoor parties dubbed ‘raves’, had offered the 23 year-old Brooklyn DJ a slot in the lineup for their July party, Energy Part 2. These things had gotten some media attention, both in the English music press (which had declared 1988 a ‘Summer of Love’ and were on their way to doing the same for ’89) and the broadsheets (thousands of kids dancing to faceless machine beats in fields: what?). But in America they were still a distant rumour."

"Berlin, it seemed, was where the action was, and a lot of Americans moved there – including Chesler, Selway and Adam X. In 2009, Adam released a flurry of 12"s anonymously under the name Traversable Wormhole, tracks with the same unfettered forcefulness that once typified New York City techno."

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